Docker makes upgrading to PHP7 easy

Last year at php[tek] 2015 during the hack time I messed around and created a Docker image to run and test PHP7. It was surprisingly easy and I quickly learned that the app I was working on at the time ran fine in PHP7, good deal. So since then I’ve been awaiting the general availability […]


Docker Global Hack Day #3

This year I decided to try to participate in the Global Hack day for Docker. Most of the Docker ecosystem of tools are based on the Go language and I’ve never worked with Go before. At work we run a private Docker registry to store some of our Docker images, but unfortunately it does not […]


Easy Blue-Green Deployments on Amazon EC2 Container Service

At work we’ve recently started using Amazon’s EC2 Container Service (ECS) for running Docker images in staging and production. In order to simplify our CI/CD process we wrote a script for triggering blue-green deployments. I wrote an article explaining the how and why over on the Codeship Blog, check it out:


Recap of php[tek] 2015

This was my second php[tek] and I was not disappointed. I’ve attended other tech conferences but this one seems to have the greatest sense of community. It only makes since that the overall theme of this years conference was Open Source and community in general. There were also a lot of PHP “celebrities” attending and […]